only five days to go!

Where has the time gone???? How can it be over a week since i did a post? Since then I have been to Brussels for the day on Eurostar with work (managed to not take any photos) had Hollys christmas assembly where she was dressed up as a star, had a nightmare of a christmas shopping day, felt poorly (still do a bit) and have been to a couple of parties. So not much crafting has been done around here! I have also sold a couple of last minute things which involved standing in post office queues for ages but for a nice reason. But excitingly, my work is now also available at this brilliant uk-based website selling handmade items, Come and take a look if you have a minute, at the moment I have a direct link to my section from the front page, as I am one of the listed 'new' people.

more christmas

A christmassy picture of my leg, reflected in our snowflake covered window. : )


So here he is, all finished. I had a hard job finding the perfect eyes, I didn't really want the standard soft toy eyes and eventually found these gorgeous buttons in John Lewis. You can't really see here but they are a lovely purpley colour. Holly was with me but luckily didn't ask what they were for! I tell you what though, it took me as long to put the eyes on as to make the whole bear, deciding where they should go was very important as their position changed his whole character. And I thought I would include a christmassy picture, we put our tree up last night, sorry it is a dreadful picture, it was dark by the time I could take it. : )

At last!

So tonight at last I sat down and started to make something. I have had in my head a while now a list of things I want to make for Holly for christmas, but haven't had a chance to do anything about them. Then I found this fantastic free pattern at crafty carnival and couldn't wait any longer! I started with this jumper that I felted a while ago: cut up one of the sleeves: And just look at this cute little bear, he isn't finished yet, I have now made him a scarf, I just need to do his face! this will be the front: and this will be the back: I can't wait to finish him! So thank you crafty carnival for your free pattern, (pattern is for personal use only) it was very easy to follow and I'm very pleased with the results so far. : )

what a coincidence!

I discovered today through reading the forums that I was in a treasury on etsy, which is great, (thank you wildcatdesigns) but not only that, quite by chance my sister is in the same one! What a coincidence! Out of the many thousands of shops on etsy. In case you didn't know already, my sister is paper-and-string , and her treasury item is the 'happy tree' (bottom right) which I love!


Where has the week gone? I can't believe it is a week already since my last post. I think it must be that time of year! We have been starting to feel christmassy here this weekend, watching a christmas film, looking round the shops and then today we made christmas biscuits with our new cutters. (Had a bit of a problem with the father christmas one, his legs kept falling off) Then to top off an afternoon in the kitchen we made this pie for our dinner, which was very yummy even if i do say so myself!!