Merry Christmas!

Happy Christmas everyone! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. Christmas Eve has been busy for us so far, lots of cleaning, present wrapping, cooking (fudge) and visiting, but now I have decided to stop all chores and start christmas. Hooray!
: )

mmm...tunis cake!

Does anyone else remember Tunis Cake? I don't mean the poor copies now sold at Christmas by the supermarkets, but the original McVities one that we used to have years ago? Anyway, Holly and I found a recipe and made an attempt at making our own. Pouring the chocolate onto the top to set was fun, and Holly spent ages making the marzipan fruits. (Two have been eaten already). Tunis cake means it must be nearly Christmas!
: )

home for pins - orange

Finally! This little pincushion is now listed here, I know it took me a long time, it's that hectic time of year again already! How are your chritmas preparations going? I'm getting there slowly... : )
Look where I was on Friday - up in a helicopter flying over London! It was an amazing experience, especially for someone not great with heights! And a selection of picciolo items have been featured in these lovely treasuries. : )
The snow we had this week caused a few disruptions to our finely tuned schedule, as I'm sure it did to everyone else in the UK! Some good ones were having extra time at home, (Hollys dance class cancelled) leaving work early (no after-school club) and making a snowman, and Holly was the only one to get to her swimming class so it was like a private lesson! That certainly wore her out. The down sides were frozen brakes on my bike and lots of slippery ice everywhere. But it has all gone now, ready for the start of another week. : )