At last!

I've finally managed it, my first listing for a set of six cards has just been added to my shop. It will be followed tomorrow (saturday) by a listing for a set of three where you will be able to choose which three you would like. I have spent this evening 'multi-tasking', sewing a custom order, finishing my cards listing, and finishing some decorations (this one is pending!) and the usual washing etc. I have also finished putting all my fabric into my new cupboard, I did take a picture but it was a bit blurred so I will try again tomorrow. : )

cards are coming

At last! I am nearly there, sometime over the next few days my new cards will be listed in my shop. I just need a teeny bit of sunshine to take some individual photos. Who would have thought that it was summer? This photo was taken on the top of my new cupboard, which will soon be home to all my fabric, how exciting! : )

happy holidays

At last I have managed to sort out my holiday photos, here are a few so you can see where we were! This is the view from the area of the beach where we spent most of our days... This is our balcony and wonderful view of the sea beyond... (we certainly got lucky with our apartment this time, the balcony was amazing) Holly and I had matching 'holiday nails'... On our last day there were some brilliant waves to jump in... On our way home after dinner one evening (note the net which was essential for searching rockpools while waiting for our dinner to arrive!) All in all we had such a fabulous time, we have already looked at booking for next year but of course the prices have gone up by a lot so we shall have to see. I think that Crete is definately one of our favourite places, I wish we could have stayed there longer. : )

another mention!

Thanks today to lynsey at cuteable for featuring one of my prints! I am gradually getting back into the swing of things after being in holiday mode, although it is taking a while to catch up on everyones blogs, especially as lots of exciting things have been happening, including engagements and job quitting (you know who you are!) I am trying to take things a bit easier and reduce what I ask of myself, as while on holiday I had no migraines, (after 14 over 2 months) and I don't want them to return! So I'm sorry if I haven't caught up with you all yet, I will get there soon. I am also working on getting my cards and christmas decorations ready to go, so hopefully new items in the shop soon, I'll keep you posted. : )

Print and pattern! (subhead - I'm back!)

Well we are back from our holiday, tired from the journey and wishing we were still there. We have spent the last two weeks on the beautiful island of Crete, with a lot of time spent on the beach. It has felt quite odd not to do any sewing at all, my finger has even almost lost its hard patch where I always manage to prick it with my needle! I will show you some pictures soon, once I am back into the swing of things, but I wanted today to say a big thank you to print and pattern for featuring me last friday! Thank you! I will be catching up with all your blogs over the next few days, and I'm sure I won't be able to keep my needle in its case for much longer either! : )


***I AM NOW ON HOLIDAY/vacation until the 19th of August, any orders placed during this time will be posted by the 21st of August*** I will be back in my shop and here from the 19th, hopefully with lots of pictures to show you. I am leaving you with a test run of a new item I will be adding to my shop soon after I return, leaf series cards! I am very pleased with how this one has turned out, forgive the not wonderful photo as it was taken in a rush but I wanted to leave you with something. And here also are a couple of allotment pictures, some gorgeous tomatoes and a pretty poppy. I hope you all have a good two weeks and I will see you back here very soon : )