This little parcel is off to its new owner tomorrow, and the one below is my giveaway prize from Cicada Daydream which arrived today! Such gorgeous fabric, I need to give some thought to a special project to do it justice, thanks so much Michelle! : )

it's sunny!

After a really foggy start to the day the sun came out, and I have made the most of it and taken lots of photos of new products. I'm sure the neighbours think I am mad pegging up christmas decorations on my washing line, but never mind! Epecially as I did it twice as the light improved a lot over the day. Holly and I have also squeezed in having some fun, we went to our town's festival today, and watched the street parade and browsed the stalls. The unavoidable queue for the bouncy castle featured too, but it was sunny and a great band were playing so it was ok. So now we are a little weary and looking forward to watching X-factor later! : ) This new pouch will be listed in my shop shortly, it's a little while since I painted a little bird!

look no stabilizers!

Today I am short of pictures as Holly had swimming after school and we didn't get home until the best light had gone. So here is Holly a couple of weekends ago on her first attempt at riding her bike without stabilizers at the park, she did very well and did manage it for a few metres before she realised Stuart wasn't holding on! I didn't get to cut out my circles the other night so that is still the plan for tonight, and I've also had a couple of ideas that I need to start this evening too. So I'm off now to finish up the boring chores so I can have fun with my sewing : )

going large

It's taken me longer than I thought, but I now have listed all the available sizes of my soft stars (sets of three small, and single medium and large). There are lots more colours to come, but at least now all the sizes can be seen. This picture shows all the sizes together to help make it easier to choose by seeing how the sizes relate to each other, I have included at least one group photo in each listing. My plan tonight is to cut out lots of circles, it is sad I know but I am quite looking forward to it! : )

What a week – or two

As you have probably noticed, I haven’t managed to blog much over the past week or so, I’m sorry if you have visited and found nothing new. This is partly because Stuart has changed his job, and his new routine has been, (and will be for the next few weeks at least) to go to work really early and come home really late. So I have had to change my work hours on most days to accommodate doing both school runs, and after getting home and sorting out Holly etc, there hasn’t seemed to be much time for anything else other than boring things like keeping up with the washing. The result is that I’ve been feeling a bit low, but we have just had a great weekend to make up for it. It is my mums birthday tomorrow, so her, my dad and nan came up for the weekend, and then my sister and her boyfriend came up for the day yesterday. I made a cake, - this is the last piece left (which I’m very glad came out ok, my oven broke last week and only got fixed at the last minute, phew). My sister bought balloons, and we had a lovely day, which ended in us all going out for a meal. Now everyone has gone home and Stuart is away tonight with work, so it is just Holly and I, so now she is in bed I am making some catch-up time. These pictures are of a new pouch/purse that is nearly finished and should be in the shop soon. And I also must mention my fantastic win, I came second in Cicada Daydream’s wonderful giveaway! Thanks Michelle! :)

is it really wednesday already?

Where is the week going? Midweek already. I have managed to attack my ironing, (that took most of monday evening, what fun) and almost finished a new pouch/purse which I just need to paint. Tonight I am off to my body combat class, so I've just got time to show you this new size of decoration, which is medium. I am planning to list a large one tomorrow so then the whole size range will be up and in my shop and I can add to the colour choices. : )

icy blue

Why is it that sometimes the day seems never ending, then as soon as you get to the time when you can do what you want it just rushes away? I'm having one of those days, with a big 'to do' list still looming before I can get out any sewing. I have made time to list these though and try and catch up on some blogs, the ironing pile will have to wait just a little bit longer! : )

oh christmas!

Happy Saturday everyone! Here is a sneak preview of the decorations I have ready to list so far, more colours will soon join them. These will start to appear in my shop over the next few days, with sets of three small ones, and single medium and large sizes to complement them. These are the medium and large sizes : ) And these are a few of our onions, red onions and shallots now hanging in our shed from the allotment, I have put hooks all around the inside of the shed and I think we won't have to buy onions etc for a good few months now! Today we also were able to pick lots of yummy sweetcorn, courgettes, beetroot and a small mountain of raspberries! : )

lilac and leaves

Another box will be listed shortly, this lovely lilac one features some leafy stems handpainted onto the front, and gorgeous spotty felt! I have had a bit of a rushing around day today, Holly had her first swimming lesson after school but she loved it so it was all worth it. Tonight I want to sit down and start sewing the new pouch I pinned together a few day ago, if I can keep my eyes open that is! And I have a plan to start listing my christmas decorations at some point over the weekend, now that the weather here has turned it seems like the right time. : )

soft and creamy

This little box will be listed in my shop a little bit later on this evening. It is almost the last (and may even be the last), box I can make with this lovely cream felt as I have almost run out and can't get any more! : ( : )


Thanks everyone for all your anniversary best wishes! And to those of you who took advantage of my free gift offer and placed an order before the end of sunday. All of these parcels are on their way! I had a nice surprise today and found one of my fabric boxes in the etsy gift guide for 'her', I have a few more of these boxes almost ready to list, the first one, which is cream, should make it into the shop tomorrow. : )

My First Etsy-versary!

I can't quite believe it but my etsy shop is one year old today! As a small thank you, with any purchase made from now until the end of this Sunday (7th September, uk time), you will receive not one but two, picciolo magnets as a free gift! They will be a random selection from the ones modelled on my fridge above, and they measure approx 4.8cm x 7cm. : )

cards and cupboards

I suddenly seem to have a very long list of picciolo related things to do, which I am slowly making my way down. I managed to distract myself with something not even on the list by creating a new card set which is shown here, not a great picture I know, I will take a better one when I can for its etsy listing. But I am very pleased with how these turned out, I just need a teeny weent bit of sun to take their picture. And I also got distracted in a big way by my new cupboard, who could have thought I could get so excited about a cupboard?? But I am really pleased with it, (after spending a long time fitting the glass shelves and doors, thank you husband) and have had lots of fun putting everything inside. Now I can gaze at my fabric whenever I want! : )