a bit later than intended

oops! After a super whirlwind of a weekend, this second little box has only just made it into my shop, here. Our Saturday morning was spent cleaning/tidying the house and garden in preparation for a total of nine people for dinner. It was such a gorgeous day that we put our dining table outside in the garden, and I used our colourful tablecloth we bought in Thailand and added some glasses of flowers. We all had a lovely afternoon, so much so that once everyone had gone and everything was tidied (again) and put back in its rightful place I had no energy left and fell asleep on the sofa. But I couldn't have much of a lie-in on sunday as Holly and I went to see my sister for the day. I had to see her wonderful new workshop in person, and yes, it truely is wonderful. I even managed to buy some more felt, and we had a lovely lunch followed by ice-cream on the beach. Here is Holly drawing on the stones, we found lots of chalk on the beach among the rocks : )

At last! New boxes

This new little box has been ready and waiting for me to list for a good week now, but I have finally managed to list it here. A second (which is blue) will be listed tomorrow, and a third is almost done, it just needs painting.
Where has the week gone? I feel very ready for the weekend. The last few days have been very busy and tonight I am looking forward to being able to spend some time on Holly's quilt. I've already been for my run and had a nice relaxing bath, now I just need some dinner and a cold glass of wine...
: )


Holly's quilt is starting to come together now, the top is all finished, the last whipstitch complete.
I had to take some photos of the back of it before I started taking out all the backing papers, it seems to have taken on an identity of its own with all the snippets from the old magazines that I used to cut the backing papers from.
It was quite a therapeutic process taking out all the tacking stitches, (once I got past thinking about all the work I was undoing!) and I now have a big pile of papers. 'Why haven't you thrown them away?' I hear you cry, well some of them have gone so soft from all the folding and creasing of the quilt while I was sewing that they almost seem like fabric, so I'm going to try and think of another use for them.
: )

camping in Dorset

We have just arrived home from a weekend camping with family, here is a picture of our camp, there were twelve of us altogether in my brother and sister-in-laws two amazing tents. Everyone else is there for the whole week, I didn't want to come home! And how's this for a great picture of how to have fun jumping in muddy puddles!
: )