Today, a big thank you to Michelle at Cicada Studio , for featuring my soft stars in her guest blog post on Indie Fixx, what a wonderful surprise! : )


Anyone heard of Folksy? It is a new UK handmade site, based along similar lines of etsy and dawanda, where people have their own shop within the site. It is in beta mode at the moment, and you can only join if you are in the uk, but in February it is due to open up to international customers. Pop over for more information and have a look, I have added a new button in my sidebar which will take you right there. I only have a few things on there so far, but I have been lucky enough to have my soft stars appear as featured items, and my new pouch was on the front page, which was very exciting! : )

twinkle twinkle

This set of red soft stars will be appearing in my shop very soon! Despite having a few items in progress, I haven't managed to take any other pictures of them, Hmm. But some of my purple soft snowflakes appeared in this gorgeous purple treasury, which was a lovely surprise. I don't know where the week is going, I managed to squeeze in half an hour of christmas shopping today and got a few things, but I need to do a lot more! Are you all organized for christmas? : )


I've been having lots of fun with my silver fabric, and have come up with this zip pouch, perfect to give anything a little bit of sparkle! This is a sneak preview as it won't be going into the shop until tomorrow. : )


Because I managed to miss my 200th post and christmas time is on its way... From now until the end of Monday 24th November (2008, UK time), with any purchase from my etsy shop you will receive one of my cards (with envelope) from either of the sets shown above absolutely FREE! All you have to do is write 'circles' or 'leaves' in the message to seller so that I know which set you would prefer your card to come from, and I will add a card from that set to your parcel. You can even choose which one you would like, or I will randomly choose one for you. ***AND you get a free card with each item, so if you purchase two items you will get two cards, and if you purchase three you will get three, which equates to a free set, which is worth $8! **** Click here to visit my shop : )

the green one

I've just been reading yesterdays post and I think in my excitement it wasn't that clear, sorry! Each of my 'homes for pins' is double-sided, one side featuring one of my favourite fabrics and the other with a hand painted design. And each one comes with two of the little leaf pins in the photos. So the pictures in yesterdays post (apart from the group shot) are of either side of the same pincushion - a bit of variety into something that could get used an awful lot! So the same applies to these two pictures, they are of one pincushion, a shot of each side! (sorry to those of you that knew that, just reading it back it wasn't clear to any new readers) I'm off now to list it in my etsy shop... : )

new home...

for pins! Every time I make one of these I decide that the latest one is my favourite, which has happened again this time, except as I made two I am a bit confused. Here is the first one, which is in my shop now, it has lots of hearts already - thank you! The second one (which is green, bottom right in the top photo, will be listed tomorrow, the other two in the photo are already in my shop.) : )

a bit better!

Ok, so I have now managed to list my pair of silver soft snowflakes! At last! These pictures are a bit better than the rest so far, and they are now in my etsy shop. It took a while to get there, phew! : )


I've been having lots of fun creating these new christmas decorations with some of the new fabric I bought at the weekend. That is until I tried to take the photos, have you ever tried to take pictures of silver fabric? It is probably my fault for sewing the white snowflakes onto it, but it just looks so wintery and christmassy I couldn't resist! I have spent the last few days trying to take photos, even taking them to work and trying to photograph them outdoors in my lunch time. These are the best I can manage, but I don't think they are good enough for a listing in my shop so I am going to try again tomorrow, it is typical that the photos that came out the best had the worst background! aaahhh! : )


We had a great time at the fireworks on friday, they weren't as good as last year but we all enjoyed ourselves, especially Holly! The rest of the weekend was divided into fun things (fabric shopping, my sister visiting) and get-things-done things, (sanding walls and getting rid of lots of dust, food shopping) and then before you know it it is monday again. I have been having ideas with some of my new fabric, I will show you soon! And a thank you too to cutedesigns, for including some of my soft snowflakes in this treasury : )


I finally managed to take some pictures of this new little purse, at 7.30 this morning while Holly was having her breakfast! I used a piece of my most favourite fabric in this one. We are off to watch Bonfire Night fireworks in a minute so it won't be in my shop until tomorrow. Just a short post tonight as we are off to wrap up warm! : )

lots of links

My purple soft snowflakes made it into a treasury curated by the lovely Marmalady ! I have also been experimenting with a couple of new ideas, finished a new purse/pouch and am working on some more ‘homes for pins’ as the stocks are getting depleted. All I need now is to sit down and do the painting, and then try and get some photographs. And… I’ve been tagged! (Thanks bagladee ) And given an award! (Thanks Jewelstreet ) And another award! (Thanks Just Original ) For the first two I need to do a list of six things, one of six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about myself, and the other of things that make me happy. But I am going to cheat a tiny bit and combine the two so you don’t get bored, I hope that’s ok. So here goes: Things that make me happy 1 I love walks in the woods, especially in the autumn 2 I love being woken up with a kiss from my daughter 3 An evening in with my husband, a good film and a glass of wine Quirky, unspectacular things 4 I can wiggle my ears (sometimes if I don’t think too hard) 5 I really like grouting tiles 6 I’ve lost half a stone in the last month (just over) with the help of my wii fit Just Original is also promoting the Jamie Oliver ‘pass it on’ recipes, see here for more information and a recipe to get you started. So now I need to tag/award six people, all of you get both awards as you are all such great blog friends, and if you want to take part in the tag the rules are here . Cicada studio Claires blog Please sir Indigo Blue Red otter Flower garden (I have never done a post with sooo many links, its taken me forever!) : )


What a weekend! It was great having three days, I took the Friday off work to spend with Holly as it was half term. We needed to go clothes shopping for her in the morning as she has suddenly shot up, and then in the afternoon I did a little bit of painting (walls in the house) before getting Holly into her witch costume and going to her friends Halloween party, where I stayed to help. This is the pumpkin (well really it is a squash from the allotment) that Holly and Stuart decorated, I think they did a great job! Saturday was spent doing food shopping for Holly's party and the afternoon baking cakes and muffins while trying to keep a little someone out of the kitchen. Then Sunday was the party, 10.30 till 12 at our local leisure centre, with a bouncy castle and parachute games. When I booked it I thought 10.30 was quite a good time, but it did mean having to get up much earlier than I would have liked to get all the food ready to go! Luckily we had lots of kind helpers and the party went really well, Holly had a great time. The parachute tent in this picture was good fun, its a bit blurred I know but I couldn't stay still against the wobbly parachute as we were all sitting on the edges to make the 'tent'! And this is Holly's cake, I went for individual chocolate muffins as we had a limited time slot for the party and I remember spending ages cutting and wrapping cake for the children to take home last time, so I thought this was a way of making one bit of the party a bit easier, and everyone got a muffin to take home. And last night I even managed to do a little bit of sewing, which was a nice way to round off a busy time. And I listed a couple of the medium sized soft stars that are in the picture above. Hope all your weekends were good! : )