A trip to Anthropologie for me!

I've finally managed to visit the Anthropologie shop on Regent Street in London, and I wasn't disappointed. I was trailing two others that didn't particularly want to be there, but despite this I managed to look around all three floors and admire the wonderful plant wall. And I couldn't resist this, a really great memory game with illustrations from Charlie Harper. What a find! This is set to become one of our families favourite games, and is definitely one of those things that you buy and just know you will keep forever. : )

A scorcher!

The weather here in the uk this weekend and today has been absolutely glorious, the sort of weather where you just have to be outside if you can, even if you are in the shade. I’ve been spending quite a bit of time each evening watering the garden, including these poppies (which I love, especially the white ones), as there are lots and lots of buds just waiting to pop – just like this one. And I want to say a big thank you to just B you for the very lovely feature she wrote about me on her blog, it made my day! You might have noticed too a new link in my sidebar, I joined Shop Handmade UK, and I have been included on their blog showcasing their new designers. Did anyone else get up at 5am today to watch the finale of Lost? It was definitely worth getting up (very) early for, even if I'm still not quite certain what happened, but I am starting to get tired now! : )
A couple of pictures today of my necklaces in production, this box is full of completed necklaces all ready and waiting to be put into their packaging,
and these are waiting to have their necklace cords added.
Lots of things here to keep me busy!
: )


A couple of new items made it into my etsy shop this weekend, both handy sized little pouches which are very useful for keeping things together in your bag. There is a springy turquoise and green as a new colourway, and the popular purple and navy. Click the pictures to see more! Lots of time was spent in the garden this weekend, the lawnmower is now mended so the grass has been cut, edges trimmed, weeds pulled. I rescued these pretty forget-me-nots before the lawnmower got them - I have been extending our lawn area and patiently waiting for the grass seed to grow to a good height before giving it its first cut, these were growing in amongst the new grass, self seeded from the ones in my flowerbed. Then I decided to tackle the last piece of the garden that is still overgrown. It is quite large, around 15 foot long and about 4 foot wide, it was quite theraputic clearing it of all the weeds and lots and lots of ivy. The only trouble was I then had a whole car load of stuff to take to the tip! It still needs lots of work and digging over, but I have some plants from my dad waiting to move in, and we are getting there. : )

snip snip

Lots and lots of cutting, ironing, more cutting and sewing have been taking place here, with lots and lots of sewing still to be done. Here’s a little look at some work in progress. And we had a surprise, I looked out into the garden to see three very cute little fox cubs playing on and around this big tree stump. They were very sweet and looked a bit like lambs, jumping and springing around. (I know, I need to cut the grass, but I managed to cut the cable of the lawnmower and it is being mended!) : )

Can you tell who it is yet?

Well Saturday was a very exciting day, Holly and I spent a lot of time waiting to see Rolf Harris but it was well worth it! We waited around for about half an hour then managed to get in the queue to meet him quite quickly. There were only about 20 people in front of us but he was so nice and was so chatty with everyone that it took about 40 minutes to get to him! By then we couldn’t see the end of the queue behind us, and he was only supposed to be there for and hour and a half. Holly certainly had a great time, her little face was a picture. : )

Hooray for the weekend!

I know it has been a short week this week with Monday’s bank holiday here in the UK, but boy am I glad it is the weekend. Thankfully my week at work has been a lot more manageable but I still haven’t made any headway into sorting myself out for next months fair, apart from ordering some supplies, and some new ideas popping into my head. It has been my turn to keep everyone awake coughing, (sorry) and a well earned rest is hopefully on the cards. I did have a lovely surprise today, Dizzy Izzy has featured one of my new necklaces in her Folksy Friday blog post, (see above) thank you! And tomorrow Holly and I are going to a gallery where artist Rolf Harris is making a personal appearance (Holly’s school class is named after him this year so she is very excited) I hope we manage to glimpse him! : )

A whole week

I can't believe it has been a whole week since my last post. I certainly haven't been twiddling my thumbs in that time, I think the last week or two have been the busiest for a long time, especially work-wise. And the most stressful day was my birthday, which inconveniently was the day before we had a big pitch presentation to do. So I'm feeling a bit drained at the moment and now seem to have caught Holly's cough. But never mind, we have had some good times too, like going to visit my mum, dad and nan, and a couple of hours shopping with some birthday money yesterday. Hopefully this week I can get back to more pressing things, like my upcoming craft fair! I took this picture a few weeks ago when we visited my sister, I think I need a calm place like this right now : )