Its been half term this week which in theory should mean the week is less hectic, but it hasn't seemed to work out that way yet! It's Holly's birthday next week and we are having a party for her on sunday, which has meant lunchtimes/after work I've been finding/buying paper plates, tablecloths, party bag presents etc. Then yesterday I had a really early start as we had a shower enclosure delivered, I had to get up and dressed at 6.15am as they were coming between 6.30 and 7! They came on time and it turned out that they had been driving since 2am and we weren't even the first delivery they had made. Not a job I would like! I also haven't been able to put this book down, in fact I have finished it since taking this photo last night! And some of my soft decorations have been featured in a treasury west on etsy, thanks riskybeads! : )

what happened to the weekend??

This weekend was not the best for me, I came home early from work on friday because I felt dreadful (sore throat etc etc) then seemed to spend the weekend waiting while other people did things, without having time to do any of the things I wanted to do myself. Not the end of the world I know, and I did get to go out for dinner with my husband on saturday night as Holly had a sleep over at a friends, so it wasn't all bad. And I did manage to buy this book that I have been wanting ever since it came out, I'm just itching to find some time to read it! Last week I had a very quick go at printing, the results are next to the book in the photo, now that I have the book I can't wait to get my teeth into it! : )


Here's my newest little purse, this time with the turquoise on the outside. This one is a bit smaller,more like a roomy coin purse. Will be listed shortly! I am determined to do some sewing this evening, so far this week I have had the intention but not the time, and also too many things in my head that I haven't been able to pin down what I want to make. But tonight will be different! I hope : )

sew hip issue one

I know pictures of this new magazine are everywhere at the moment, but I couldn't resist showing you my very first appearance in a magazine! Can you see picciolo in the second photo? I know it is only a tiny tiny advert but it's in a real life magazine, and to me it just seems amazing that I actually have something to advertise! So please forgive me for getting over excited. The magazine comes out at the end of the month, I have really enjoyed reading it and have plans to make some things from the patterns included already. : )

bits and bobs

I have had a few requests to show what the inside of my new purse/pouch looks like, so after a couple of days spent battling with poor light, here is a picture. Not great, but its a picture! I have now finished a new, smaller one, where I have reversed the colours so that the inside is black and the outside turquoise. I just need two minutes of sun and then I will be able to show you. Last night my sister-in-law and her husband came for their visit, and they really loved the little booties, I was so glad. I did end up making a little soft box base to keep them in, which looks like this. And, I have been given an award! Thanks iheartcrafts ! The "Proximidade Award" or "Friendship Around the World Award" highlights blogs that are special in some way and extends the hand of friendship around the world. All I had to do was choose eight of my favourite blogs (see below) and the recipients are asked to do the same. bagladee cicada daydream claires blog contented diary of artist shayla perreault newcomb paper-and-string red otter high desert diva

what do you think?

This is what I have been up to with the pile of zips I posted a little while ago, what do you think? I have used double sided denim, so this one is black on the outside and turquoise inside, to complement the colours used on the outside. I had fun sewing in a zip and working out how to do the 'box' shaped bottom, and I especially loved creating the little zip pull, which has been stuffed and sewn so that it feels almost quilted. I've just finished a slightly smaller one that I haven't photographed yet, but this one is in my shop now. And I've also got to show you my wonderful prize from bagladee , I won her recent giveaway and look what I got! I don't know what to use first, but this pile has definately found a good home here! Thanks! Notice that the first picture is blurred, this is because I was desperate to open the parcel! : )

quickly, quickly

Just a quick post today, I don't know where saturday has gone! These navy stars are now in my store, I have been busy taking photos today of lots of things, with the plan being to show you some tomorrow when I have a bit more time. Hope you are enjoying your weekend! : )


A quick couple of pictures of the latest soft stars (pink) to make it into my etsy shop. I have been tagged by the lovely jewelstreet designs (thank you!) so here are the required 7 random things about me! 1. I can't stand the feel of velvet or foam, I have actually run away from it before (sadly I'm not joking). 2. I have become slightly addicted to my new nintendo wii fit, (anyone else have one?) I am not a games console person at all, but I can't seem to stop jogging/boxing/hoola hooping! 3. I go to a body combat class every wednesday and I love it. 4. My favourite programme is called 'A Place in the Sun' - a girl needs a dream! 5. A little while ago I managed to scrub some limescale off my bath with my husbands brand new toothbrush - oops. 6. I've bought a couple of christmas presents already (unlike me, I must be being super organised this year!) 7. I'm left handed. Not very exciting but there you go. So there are my facts, I'm sorry I'm not going to tag anyone as this seems to be going around a lot at the moment, but if anyone hasn't done this one yet and would like to, then consider yourself tagged! : )

teeny weeny

so, here they are, my teeny weeny baby booties, all finished. I got the pattern from here , it is one of Heather Baileys free-for-personal-use patterns, and it was very easy to follow. Thanks Heather! These are the 0 - 3 month size, my plan is to then make the 3 - 6 month size once we know whether the baby is going to be my niece or nephew, so that I can make the decoration either for a boy or girl. I am very pleased with how these turned out, they are so soft and cute! and they cost hardly anything to make. All I bought was the fleece, all the other pieces for the cats came out of my scrap bag as they were so small, even the little piece of reinforcing leather on the inside of each which protects the opening. Now I need to think of a project for the rest of the fleece material, I only bought half a metre but these only needed a tiny corner, and the colour is so gorgeous I need to make something with the rest of it. Maybe a little gift bag to put the booties in? Hmm, there's an idea! : )


woohoo! Today I discovered one of my leaf series artworks was in a treasury, (thanks!) and one of my small purses in the bag lady gift guide!! Last night I finished the little baby booties, I just need some better light to photograph them then I'll show you. I am really pleased with them. Hope you are all having a good weekend, part of my day has been spent shopping for a new kitchen bin (the lid wouldn't open on our old one, not very useful), what a glamourous life I lead! : )


I seem to have a lot of ideas that are stuck in my head waiting for me to have time to create them, these two photos show how far I have got this week, ie not that far! These decorations are all ready to be stuffed and then they are finished, and the zips are waiting patiently for me to sort myself out. And they may have to wait a bit longer as I have added a new project into the mix as well, my sister-in-law is pregnant and I am going to attempt to make her a pair or two of cute baby booties before her and her husband come to visit in a week or so. I've bought some gorgeous teal coloured fleece which is all ready to go, I'll post some pictures with how I get on. : )