branching out

At last, here in my etsy shop are some new items for 2010, the first to be sporting the new design 'branching out'. Available in five colour ways, which would you choose? I will also be adding listings soon which will offer discounted prices when buying more than one. And here are two packs of cards all ready to be packed up and taken to the post office tomorrow! : )


Don’t you just love Fridays? That feeling when Holly and I get home on a Friday evening is just the best. After a busy week those moments of calm are much needed!

Tonight these moments are delayed as Holly has a friend round to play so I have been tidying in preparation for her mum coming to collect her, but our house is happy, ringing with the sounds of two little girls having fun.

What do you have planned for the weekend? Our plans are still up in the air at the moment, there are the usual chores to be done but I am hoping to get some more time with my camera, and I have my fingers crossed for some sunshine (please).

I am slowly unravelling the knots in my ideas and working them through, some new items will be available in my etsy shop over the weekend. : )


My head is spinning at the moment with colours and combinations, but I thought I would show you where I have got to so far. I am working towards being able to offer cohesive collections that offer choice and also a wider scope for orders, hopefully a step forward for picciolo. So here we go, the first of two new design series’ for picciolo – ‘branching out’ - which includes five colour combinations, shown here on soft keyrings. This series will be available soon as soft keyrings, foldable fabric boxes and purses/pouches, with other new products being added along the way. My stumbling block at the moment is with narrowing down the options to decide on a definitive ‘range’, there are so many combinations in my head that would be possible for these designs but I want to be able to make them all up and have a complete set. What I need is one of those flashy websites where you can choose colours for components of things and see instantly on screen what they would look like, then I wouldn’t need to make them all in advance or limit the options! : ) ps - I've also been included in two etsy treasuries, thank you!! : )

nearly there

This week so far seems to have been one long dash from place to place, I'm looking forward to a quiet evening tonight, hopefully watching Masterchef Australia. Have any of you seen any of it? Last night the task was testing knife skills and they had to cut onions, they were so nervous and wanting to do well that there were lots of cut fingers. But I digress, I have been busy working on new ideas and the image above is a tiny preview, I'm hoping for good weather at the weekend so that I can take lots of photos.
I am having a spell at the moment where one idea leads to another with lots of possible directions which is great, I dream of a week off so I can work on them all the time, although sometimes I think ideas sort themselves out and carry you further if you have longer to turn them over in your head. I think I am just impatient as I am enjoying where things are leading! : )

sunday snippets

Sunday sewing - new items on their way!
The 'stained glass' (boiled sweets) windows from our gingerbread house (all gone now!)
Setting the table for our delicious sunday roast with my wonderful new placemats that were a Christmas present from my sister. (I love them!)
: )

careful cutting

Last night was spent making new labels. Making them was the easy bit, it was the cutting out that took the time! But I now have a box full of lovely felt labels ready to be sewn into a new line of pouches/purses that I am working on, pictures soon!
(Have you had more snow? We woke up to a white morning which I wasn't expecting, most of it has gone now though)
: )

sewing together

Could there be anything better? This is Holly and I yesterday afternoon, hiding from the weather and sitting next to each other sewing. Me - a custom box for an order, and Holly - sewing flowers onto the front of a felt bag kit she got for Christmas.
: )
The sale is so far only in my etsy shop, this will be extended to Folky when I get a minute. It will only last until the last sale stock has gone! : )

Happy New Year! and a hedgehog.

This is the little hedgehog I made for Holly, he was finished at 10pm on Christmas Eve! But she was very pleased with him so it was definately worth it. I don't think she has settled on a name yet, it keeps changing at the moment. We have had a great Christmas and New Years, we've seen lots of family and friends and had quite a hectic time, so today is a day where we have nothing planned, have done not much and just relaxed and pottered about. I've been having fun with my new (christmas present) camera, which is wonderful, it even has a setting that can make you look thinner and improve your skin! This hedgehog didn't need that setting though! : )