finished! (the new item, not the sorting out!)

As you can see I managed to find time to finish my new purse last night! I ended up painting each side and then while it dried dashed around sorting out toys etc. I got quite a lot done but had to stop once the owner of the toys (my daughter Holly) was in bed. What a shame. But I am pleased with how this one has turned out, it is a new shape with two inside pockets. It isn't in my etsy shp yet but will be in the next few days. : )

the paintbrush beckons

Here is a picture of my current project, which hopefully will be finished tonight. This picture doesn't give too much away, I'll post an 'after' picture when it is completed. I also need to finish sorting out my daughters room this evening, it started yesterday with the construction of a new wardrobe, and ended last night with piles of things everywhere and the thought 'why did I start his' running through my head. So thats my plan for later, I hope I get to the fun part with the paintbrush! : )


As you can see from the new link added on the right, today I have signed up to Talent Database, which looks like an exciting new way to promote your work. Click the link to take a look, I will be adding more items when I get a minute! : )


Thank you very much to Janice at World Wide Crafters for making me their featured artisan today! If you have time to take a look here is the link: : )

new supplies

When I went to see my sister (otherwise known as paper-and-string) at the weekend I couldn't help but buy some supplies from her! I managed to restrain myself slightly, this is what I got. Some gorgeous tapes and yes, you've guessed it, some more felt. But when it is in such beautiful colours that I haven't got, what's a girl to do??

: (

My family had some very sad news last Thursday, which is why my blog has been a bit neglected since. I haven't done much sewing or been in the mood to create anything, but I thought I would show you what the second work in progress below turned into. I am still working on my new project, pictures soon I hope.

wednesday already?

ok, first up today is a picture of my little sweetheart being a bridesmaid at the weekend for my sister-in-law Jennie. I had a tear in my eye when she came down the aisle holding hands with her (also four year old) cousin. It was a really lovely day, it's hard to believe it is over after we have been looking forward to it for so long. And this morning I found that I am in a treasury, which is still live so take a look if you get a minute. This is a very nice one to be included in, especially as the piece included hasn't been in a treasury before. Thanks Jenvecc! I am working on a new item at the moment, pics will follow when I can, it is taking shape slowly!

newest item completed!

morning, here is a picture of what one of the pieces of work in progress below has turned into, the other is almost done, it is just waiting to be painted. I have also made a small start on the next creation, which is going to be different again!

wow, I'm on cuteable!!

A good day today, I have been featured on the website! Thank you very much cuteable! : )

new finds and sparkles

I had to show you a photo of some new fabric I've got, it is only in small pieces as I bought two skirts very cheaply and cut them up! I just seemed to home in on the pattern from across the shop, then found that they were so cheap I had to have two! Look out for the pattern in one of my items soon. And look at these sparkles, my daughter had her face painted on saturday and it was so beautiful I had to take a picture. We went to meet Winnie the witch, and she decided that winnie was real, but her cat was a puppet : )

in progress

ok, here at last are a couple of pictures of my two 'in progress' items, (see the pins!) which are destined to be pouches. I finally managed to spend some time on them last night, hopefully it won't be long before I can show you the finished articles! Although I have a feeling time will be in short supply this week as it is my sister-in-laws wedding on saturday, which I am really looking forward to but will take friday night and most of the weekend out of any sewing equation. I've got my fingers crossed for good weather for them, my little girl is going to be a bridesmaid and she is very excited!

sunday already?!?

Where has the weekend gone? I seem to have spent it taxiing my daughter around and doing the boring essentials like food shopping and washing. What happened to all the time for sewing? I think I managed about half an hour yesterday! I have taken some photos of the latest work in progress but I am going to add them tomorrow as I am off again to take my daughter to play with friends, and then there's the big pile of ironing that always follows lots of washing... fingers crossed for some sewing time later!

the good and the bad

I'm very pleased (and lucky) that my work has appeared in a few etsy treasuries since I opened my shop three weeks ago. Thanks to everyone who has included me, here is a picture of one of the latest that I was featured in. At the moment I have started two more pouches, one blues/greens and the other plums/purples. I'll try and take some pictures later to add in. They have been coming along slower than I would have liked, partly due to getting some very bad news yesterday and partly due to my daughter coming home from school with play-doh all over her skirt and jumper that I spent a whole hour scraping off!


I thought that to get the ball rolling I would show you some of my new materials and items in progress at the moment, first is my favorite stack of felt, most of which has come via my sister at As well as making lots of wonderful things she also has a felt shop which I seem to be addicted to!
Next are some of my fabric fabrics of the moment, some I haven't cut into yet.

And lastly, here is part of my current pile of circles waiting to be chosen and made into something. Must go and do some sewing now, (well, after the washing and ironing, anyway) !