new finds and sparkles

I had to show you a photo of some new fabric I've got, it is only in small pieces as I bought two skirts very cheaply and cut them up! I just seemed to home in on the pattern from across the shop, then found that they were so cheap I had to have two! Look out for the pattern in one of my items soon. And look at these sparkles, my daughter had her face painted on saturday and it was so beautiful I had to take a picture. We went to meet Winnie the witch, and she decided that winnie was real, but her cat was a puppet : )


paper-and-string said...

yay! you are on cuteable :-)
well done :-)
i am a little bit jealous of your fabric!!
please tell little one that aunty sarah said she looked very pretty and sparkly :-)

Rachel said...

Wow, your art is so unique! I like it! Very cool :)

That's the best face painting I've ever seen!

Oh, and I found you via the Etsy forum, just so ya know ;)