the paintbrush beckons

Here is a picture of my current project, which hopefully will be finished tonight. This picture doesn't give too much away, I'll post an 'after' picture when it is completed. I also need to finish sorting out my daughters room this evening, it started yesterday with the construction of a new wardrobe, and ended last night with piles of things everywhere and the thought 'why did I start his' running through my head. So thats my plan for later, I hope I get to the fun part with the paintbrush! : )


deanna roux said...

i love your work - so unique!

Indigo Blue said...

Sometimes an over-night break from a construction project like a wardbrobe is a good thing! Could not remember if I thanked you for your text and photo advice a few days/weeks ago. It is all merging into one at the moment. Anyway it worked! Take a look if you have time. Thanks again.