Well, our holiday seems a distant memory already, not helped at all by the miserable weather here in the UK. Getting wet cycling to work every day certainly brings you back down to earth with a bump! But on the plus side we have come home to lots of produce ready on the allotment, and I have been making (and eating) more jam - plum, and raspberry and blackberry. I even had fun making some labels too. And I have at last photographed some new items, these handy pouches have two inside pockets and close with a magnetic snap. They are very soft and just perfect for keeping things together in your bag, or for make-up/ jewellery etc. Two are available here now, or if one has caught your eye that I haven’t listed yet just leave me a comment and I will list it especially for you. : )

holidays go too quickly

This is where we have spent the last two weeks, just the three of us, just perfect.
: )


Holly and I had fun this week with our first ever attempt at jam making. Admittedly I don’t think we could have gone very wrong as we used jam sugar, but it was still exciting to come down the following morning and find two lovely jars of jam, all set and ready to be eaten.

We made blackberry jam, which also had a few random raspberries in it, as Holly was chief picker at the allotment so she had the final say over what went in. And it certainly tastes good! : )