I made the front page!!!... and I missed it.

How typical, over the weekend one of the treasuries I had been featured in made to the front page of etsy and I managed to miss it. Instead I was having fun planting 100 crocus bulbs in the garden, and clearing up plaster dust from the whole house. We did also start our christmas shopping, but we weren't that successful! : 0


Yesterday I managed to really cut my finger, and of course it would be one that does a lot of sewing! I was cutting an orange into segments for Holly and the knife veered off the round top bit into my finger. Nice. Sums up the day really! : )

thanks foxgloves!

I want to say a big thank you to Stacy at foxgloves for including a feature about picciolo! Click here to read it. : ) (as you can see I am getting the hang of links now!!)

busy busy

Firstly, thanks Cathy for help with the link for indigo blue below, all is working now! I had a busy evening last night packaging up two parcels ready to post today, both containing packs of my christmas decorations. Here is a picture of them all ready to go into their padded envelopes, they will be on their way later today. : )

every cloud...

well as you know I went to a craft fair on Worthing Pier with my sister on sunday, and it was a complete wash out! The stall opposite ours was selling pine cones covered in glitter, which should give you an idea of what we were up against, and 99% of the few customers that braved the weather were way over 65. Never mind, I had a great day with my sister despite burning my tongue twice on very very hot cups of tea (i got no sympathy either!). I included a couple of pictures of my part of the stall, and also one of the weather outside! But then today in the post arrived this! My parcel from Indigo Blue! It was beautifully packaged and I love them! The pin cushion will be having pins stuck in it later, and my scissors will be fighting over who gets to live in the scissors case. When Holly saw the pin cushion she only heard me say 'cushion' and she thought it was a cushion for her dolls! hehe. What a lovely parcel to come home from work to. Thanks indigo blue

look what I've won!

These wonderful prizes will be on the way to me soon from Indigo Blue, after I won her recent give-away. They will certainly come in useful, and will find a good home in my sewing box. Thanks very much indigo blue! Take a look at her blog, which is listed in my 'look at these' section. : )

christmas crazy!

I have officially gone christmas decoration crazy! The above image is in preparation for the craft fair, as a kind of back board for my box of decorations. And they have made it into an etsy treasury today too! This is going to be short as I am off to body combat in a little while and I still have someone to put in the bath, more soon! : )

birthday weekend

Phew, this weekend was a busy one, the three of us went to London Zoo on Saturday for Holl's fifth birthday, and we had a great time. We walked a really long way but Hollys little legs did really well, and we even stopped off on the way home and watched the lord mayors show fireworks. They were amazing! Then sunday was Holly's party, my sister came up to help us get everything ready, and it was a bit of a panic at the end but we got there (just). Everything went well I think, Holly had a great time, and I'm pretty sure her six friends did too. Most of the parents stayed which was nice, we had a full house! We still had loads of food left at the end, oh well, better too much than not enough! It was back to work today for a rest. : )

slight panic

I seem to have gone into overdrive at the moment, trying to get things sorted for the craft fair I am doing with my sister next sunday and trying to clean the whole house and organise a little party for Holly's birthday which is this sunday afternoon. I have lists coming out of my ears which seem to be getting longer and longer! I would really like to have a day off work but I think I would just end up rushing around even more in an attempt not to waste any minutes. This picture shows the little business cards (but really just printed onto paper) that I have put together for the craft fair, they are also going to double up as packaging labels on my christmas decorations. One set of my snowflake decorations is now listed on etsy, one of my next jobs is to take photos of all the others so they can go on too. I think it might be tricky though as it is getting dark now when I get home from work- the pics of this first set were taken at 7.30 in the morning! : )


It's been a busy couple of days, Holly was five yesterday which meant we were up at 6.30 trying to get toys out of boxes, she was so excited! A lot of her conversations have now been starting with 'now I'm five...' which is quite cute. We are having our main celebrations at the weekend, but she had a little birthday cake and candles last night, and a mountain of cards to open. On the craft front I have been sewing away, and here are the results so far. So I now have six sets of decorations (two more on the way) and here's a shot too of them hanging in a tree, not a christmas tree but hey ho.

It's Christmas (well, soon anyway)

In a couple of weeks I am going to have a corner of my sisters table at a craft fair (in Worthing if you are nearby!) so I have spent the last few days feverishly designing some new products and trying to make them. These pictures show the results, I am making these decorations to be sold in sets of three, where the colours are complementary to each other. I stocked up on ribbon and stuffing yesterday on a shopping trip with my daughter, so now I need to see how many sets I can make in 13 days. I also want to put some onto my etsy site, so I can see I might have sore fingers soon!


Here's a picture of my little witch off to a Halloween party, we had great fun once we got there, but spent a long time in the car getting lost, which meant at one point that she gave up and started snoring next to me! I don't know where this week has gone, I have done hardly any sewing at all, tonight I made some yummy soup and tomorrow evening we are hopefully off to see fireworks. And then it will be the weekend!! : )