links to gorgeousness

For all of you that were interested here are links to the etsy shops I bought my fabric from in the last post, they were from here and here , happy shopping! I've also just ordered some more wonderful fabric, slightly encouraged by my sister, I'll show you it when it arrives. : )


I just had to share with you some of my recent new fabrics, I couldn't resist these, now I just need to decide what to make with them! I am planning some sort of cushion for my bedroom for the bottom two as they are the perfect colours, but the picture in my head is not quite there yet. Etsy is a great place to buy fabric from all around the world, and I must admit I love getting parcels! : )

any more pins?

I finally managed to take the pictures of this new little home for pins, it will be listed in my etsy shop shortly! I am so behind in getting things listed, or I suppose you could say I am well prepared for the next little while, either way there are new things on their way. Our hectic weekend didn't help too much, on saturday we pulled down a ceiling, (intentionally) and on sunday we felled a tree. We had no choice as it had started to lean on Hollys playhouse and looked like it was going to fall onto next doors shed. But getting it down was not fun, I did think I was going to get squashed but luckily I didn't. So now I have a garden full of tree branches, and a house full of dust. What joy! : )


Yesterday I was lucky enough to be featured by Rose, on the wonderful Autonomous Artisans blog. Click here to see her article, and one of my homes for pins. Thanks Rose! : ) (Thanks for all your get well wishes, I spent some of the afternoon yesterday in bed and I am better today, thanks!)


So far this week I have been slowly managing to list the new keyrings and boxes, and I have been busy making some more ‘homes for pins’ in the most popular colours. I have also finished the BIG folding box I showed you as a wip last week, pictures soon! I’m also in the middle of two new projects, but I am being hampered at the moment by feeling rubbish, not bad enough to not go to work but not great. Oh well! So this has slowed me down a bit when I am itching to get new things in the shop but I will get there in the end. And I was very honoured to be featured by 315thomas who wrote a post all about my fabric boxes! What a lovely surprise, thank you! : )


This little folding box is one of the new items that made it into my shop this week, (there are more new things to come, and not enough hours in the day at the moment)! And a big thank you to PaperPepper for including it in a treasury west over on etsy. Today we are off to spend the day with family which will in effect be our fourth christmas, it felt odd to be wrapping christmas presents yesterday! : )

what is it with me and zips?

I have been having a frustrating time with my boots lately, all down to their zips. Firstly, I bought these gorgeous boots last winter and they are great, so cosy and comfortable, and long lasting as they are actually doc martens. But a couple of months ago one of the zips broke, so I took it in to be mended, which involved it being sent away and quite a lot of money. I waited very patiently for my boot to come back, having been told 2-3 weeks, only to find out after 3.5 weeks that they had only sent it off a few days ago. I was not happy! But I eventually got it back and all was great again. Then in December I bought these boots, which are also doc martens, and again are really comfy and just that bit smarter for work. And can you believe it, but one of the zips is broken already, I am waiting at the moment for the shoe shop to receive the replacement pair they have ordered for me. And that is not all, last week the other zip went in my brown boots! After their mess up with the first boot they did this for me free of charge and in super quick time which was wonderful, until they put the wrong postcode on the parcel back to me and it ended up in Ireland! Can you believe it. But miraculously they did get to me, I am now considering never buying boots with zips ever again! : )

How can it be Monday again already?

I had a long and busy first week back at work , which was followed by a weekend that seemed to rush by at the speed of light. Amongst the usual chores I did manage to fit in some sewing and painting, along with yet more paint stripping (didn’t burn myself this time). These are the finished items I showed you being started last week - lots of new keyrings in both new and favourite colour combinations. These will be listed asap, just as soon as I manage to sort out all the images. I had a bit of a mammoth photo session yesterday, trying to get as much done while I had some light as I could. This was interspersed with helping Holly with her thank-you letters for Christmas presents, which for the first time she has written all by herself (with a little spelling help), she is growing up so fast. As well as the keyrings I have some other new products that will be ready to go soon, and this is my latest work in progress, a larger size of my foldable boxes. : )

HALF PRICE SALE - for two days only!!

Ok, my first ever sale has just begun! Come on over here to my etsy shop, where my last remaining soft snowflakes and soft stars are now HALF PRICE! But only for two days, until 6pm this Saturday 10th January) UK time. So be quick! Get yours before they are gone! : )

Happy New Year!

Hello! After nearly two weeks off I am back. Back to work, back to sewing, back to blogging, back to usual. Look at what we woke up to this morning, it was a snowy cycle into work for me today! Like most people it seems, I really needed the break and it seemed to go so quickly, especially the busy days where we had lots of visitors/were visiting, it was lovely to see everyone and sad to see them go as always. I have done lots of cooking and cleaning but no diy, played with lots of Hollys Christmas toys and relaxed and watched a few films. As you can see from the pictures below I have also started to get ready for some new creations, my sewing fingers are getting itchy again! **Also later this week I am planning a very short (probably only two days at the most) sale of my soft stars and snowflakes, so pop back later in the week if you fancy a bargain.** Thanks to everyone who has been reading and commenting here through 2008, I wish you all a wonderful 2009. x