Christmas preparations are getting underway in our house, I am trying to get sorted early this year so that it doesn’t get so stressful nearer the time. That’s the plan anyway! I am also trying to restock my shop, it has been down to just two ‘homes for pins’ for a long while now, so I spent some enjoyable time this past weekend choosing and selecting new fabric and colour combinations. There are three new ones in the pipeline, this is the first one, (they are double sided) which has been listed here. : )


Its been another busy week here and all my good intentions on the blogging front have fallen by the wayside. But I’m here now, and this is the latest parcel being sent on its way for the purchaser to give as a Christmas present. Talking of which, have you started/finished your Christmas shopping yet? I am still reeling from the realisation earlier today that it is December next week, how did that happen? I have some new ‘homes for pins’ underway at the moment in new colour combinations, lots of pieces waiting to be sewn together, which will hopefully make it into the shop in the next few days. And I mustn’t forget the leaf pins either! : )

NEW! Mini ceramic & metal leaf decorations/tags

Do you remember a little while ago I showed you a little peek at some new work in progress? Well since then my ideas have gone off in two different directions, the first yet to be realized and the second is here! What more could you need to add some delicate sparkle to your Christmas tree, presents, or in fact anywhere around the house than these little ceramic pieces? And they could in fact be used all year round as the decorations are not specific Christmas motifs. They come in a set of three with a choice of two shapes – round or rectangular, and are ready-strung with gold thread. AVAILABLE HERE NOW. Each set is made to order so if you would like a larger set/different combination of shapes/patterns then that would be no problem.
: )

Last weekend of half price!

On Monday all currently listed picciolo Christmas items will be returning to their normal price, so stop by between now and then to grab a half price bargain while you still can! Click here Also, Holly was eight at the weekend, yes – 8 already!! We spent the day at a friends wedding, which was alright with her as she got to wear a beautiful dress all day, have fun watching a childrens entertainer, eat delicious food, do lots of dancing and go to bed late in a lovely hotel. She even got given a birthday cake, and all the wedding guests sang happy birthday! Eight must be a good age to be! : )
Amongst all our rushing around lately I have been trying to enjoy some of the beautiful autumnal colours that are everywhere at the moment. The first image here was taken on a Sunday morning walk this weekend, and the next one whilst in a queue for a ride at Disneyland Paris about 10 days ago. : )

Disneyland Paris!

I am still trying to catch up with my blog reading after a whirlwind week which included a three day visit to Disneyland Paris. We had an amazing and very tiring time, on one of the days we were in the parks for 12 hours, by then Stuart and I were shattered but Holly was still going! While we watched one of the shows the Disneyland castle was constantly changing colour, doesn’t it look pretty? : )