Last weekend of half price!

On Monday all currently listed picciolo Christmas items will be returning to their normal price, so stop by between now and then to grab a half price bargain while you still can! Click here Also, Holly was eight at the weekend, yes – 8 already!! We spent the day at a friends wedding, which was alright with her as she got to wear a beautiful dress all day, have fun watching a childrens entertainer, eat delicious food, do lots of dancing and go to bed late in a lovely hotel. She even got given a birthday cake, and all the wedding guests sang happy birthday! Eight must be a good age to be! : )


Bagladee said...

Awww Happy Birthday Holly, sounds like she had a wonderful day.


Shayla said...

How nice that the wedding was kid friendly. Sounds like fun!

Hey Harriet said...

Happy belated birthday to your Holly! Sounds like a wonderful celebration for an 8 year old. Lucky girl!