Umbrella prints trimmings competition 2012

My entry is finished!!

After looking at the collection of trimmings I was sent for a l-o-n-g time, and then spending more time thinking and pondering, I decided to go with something a bit different. When I ordered my trimmings pack I had assumed that I would sew something. But as I read through the rules and information one line stuck in my head – ‘we never said you had to sew anything x”

So I didn’t! I got out my waterslide decal paper and scanned all my trimmings into the computer to create a set of decals. One plain white cake stand and mug later, these are my results.

This is the set of trimmings I used, with their special competition label.

The competition deadline is 31 may, I can’t wait to see what everyone else came up with
: )

early morning

A lovely sunny early morning in the garden today, before it got too hot! Can you see the bee? They were very busy today, unlike me.
: )

here's to friday

It's been a bit of a tough week this week, so tonight I spent a little while looking at some of my newest fabric and tried to decide what to make next. I think the first is destined to become a top, (it's hard to photograph but the pattern is a little bit iridescent) and the second a summery dress, I think I will be pondering for a little while longer yet...
: )


Well hopefully it is just around the corner, or some sunshine at least! But if not, you can have a little bit of summer on your bag or holding your keys, with this next new colour-way of leaf keyring/bag charm. Find it here
: )

bank holiday

Our bank holiday monday started off nicely with delicious pancakes for breakfast,

followed by a little photoshoot with Archie, my newly finished Aardvark, (I got him as a kit from my sister for Christmas - yes I have only just finished him)

and then Holly made these jam tart/pies which are yummy!! I wish the whole week was a bank holiday
: )

spring leaves


Brand new! This double leaf keyring/bag charm is the first in a set of three to be listed here.

This week I've started to get busy with my umbrella prints trimmings competition entry, my ideas are slowly formulating into a concrete plan, I just need to get some supplies on Saturday - I can't wait to get going on it! Have you entered? Take a look at the competition here.
: )

birthday flowers

Look how lucky I was this weekend, I received all these flowers,

they are so beautiful and make me smile. lots.
: )