I’ve been trying to write this post since Monday, but it hasn’t happened as I have been feeling distinctly under the weather. Not enough to be off work but enough for that to be just about all you can manage for the day. But today I am determined, I don’t want my poor little blog to feel neglected! I would like to unveil the previously hinted at second new design for picciolo, following on from the recent addition of ‘branching out’. This one is called ‘shelter’ and comes in two main colourways. There will be four different fabric boxes and keyrings, and a number of pouches/purses too. The green fabric box you can see a glimpse of above is now listed here, other items and pics will follow soon (once we have had some good light for taking photos!) : )
Can you believe it, the last of my flowers are still hanging in there! Admittedly they are a little past their best, but I kind of like the faded colours. I’m glad I saved these few when the rest went to the compost, it’s almost like having new flowers when you change the arrangement around. The little red box from my last post has just been packed up and will soon be on its way to France, along with the first purple pouch in my new design and some other things. So this weekend will involve me doing lots of sewing to restock and continue with the new items that are coming along nicely but not as quickly as I would like – four day weekends would be good I think! And a new item for the shop too – a small version of the new design pouch, in a new colour! : )

expensive tastes

Yesterday I had a day off work as it is half term, and my sister came up for the day. And guess where we went? Fabric shopping! There is a great shop about half an hour away from us so we don't go that often but when we do we usually manage to spend quite a long time in there, and yesterday was no exception. I must admit I didn't find as many enticing things as I usually do, but Holly made up for it for me. She wanted to choose some fabric to make something with, and she went straight for the liberty cord. Little miss expensive tastes! So we got half a metre of the lovely fabric above, which one day soon we will try and transform into a cat. We haven't had such an exciting day together today as the weather has been wet and miserable, but I did give Holly lots of laughs playing the wii game 'just dance' with her. Apparently I looked like a chicken, but never mind, it was fun! There was also time for a spot of sewing, my first ever red box this time, available here! : )

flowers - for me!

I know it isn't quite Valentine's Day but a few days ago was an anniversary for Stuart and I, 14 years together! I got this lovely bunch of flowers which are still going strong, our kitchen has a little bit of spring in it while outside is freezing cold and grey. I think ranunculus are one of the prettiest flowers around. And another new item has made it into my etsy shop, a lovely green pouch this time! : )

Monday morning squirrel (not a typo!)

How has your Monday been? I have been cycling to and from work in icy sleet (not much fun) and I also had a squirrel nearly run into the side of my bike whilst going along! He was running across the road and our paths collided, he couldn’t reach the pavement as I was cycling by, so he turned and ran all the way back to the other side of the road, luckily he made it or I would have felt dreadful! And here is a brand new item! This soft and lightweight pouch is the perfect size to be popped into your everyday bag to keep things together and organised. It is made from a lovely purple cotton fabric and features a lightly padded felt and denim circle on the front, which has been finished with my new ‘branching out’ design. It closes with a snap fastener and is lined with soft denim. Other sizes and colours are coming soon, this one is available now in my etsy shop. Also a big thank-you to dizzyizzy for featuring one of my purses on her blog, what a lovely surprise. Pop over and say hello and see the lovely items she has featured. : )


Woo Hoo! Last night I passed the 100th sale mark in my etsy shop, which certainly made me smile - a lot!! And I managed to list a new thing too - the first fabric box featuring my new design. More to follow soon : )