capital summertime ball

A couple of weekends ago I took Holly to her first concert, and it was also the first time we had been to wembley stadium. Its was an amazing day, with 6 and a half hours of great acts, including my favourite (pitbull) and Holly's favourite (The Wanted). Definitely a day to remember.

Cheryl cole



The Wanted

weekend away

last weekend we went to visit my mum and dad. Although the weather was far from summery we had a wonderful time and did make it to the beach. We might not have been in our swimming costumes but we did manage a long walk and lunch on the rocks. We also went on a steam train and visited an otter sanctuary, this one loved swimming about under the water!
: )

buns and votes

Last minute cakes for the jubilee picnic at school were the order of the day when we got home last night, and we went a bit crazy with the red, white and blue icing. They certainly went down a treat though, even if they didn't look particularly neat and tidy!
: )

On a different note, have you taken a look at the pinterest board for the umbrella prints competition? Repins count towards a peoples choice winner being chosen, so whether you vote for my entry or another, or more than one, it is definitely worth a look at all the lovely things that have been created.
: )

Umbrella prints trimmings competition 2012

My entry is finished!!

After looking at the collection of trimmings I was sent for a l-o-n-g time, and then spending more time thinking and pondering, I decided to go with something a bit different. When I ordered my trimmings pack I had assumed that I would sew something. But as I read through the rules and information one line stuck in my head – ‘we never said you had to sew anything x”

So I didn’t! I got out my waterslide decal paper and scanned all my trimmings into the computer to create a set of decals. One plain white cake stand and mug later, these are my results.

This is the set of trimmings I used, with their special competition label.

The competition deadline is 31 may, I can’t wait to see what everyone else came up with
: )

early morning

A lovely sunny early morning in the garden today, before it got too hot! Can you see the bee? They were very busy today, unlike me.
: )

here's to friday

It's been a bit of a tough week this week, so tonight I spent a little while looking at some of my newest fabric and tried to decide what to make next. I think the first is destined to become a top, (it's hard to photograph but the pattern is a little bit iridescent) and the second a summery dress, I think I will be pondering for a little while longer yet...
: )


Well hopefully it is just around the corner, or some sunshine at least! But if not, you can have a little bit of summer on your bag or holding your keys, with this next new colour-way of leaf keyring/bag charm. Find it here
: )

bank holiday

Our bank holiday monday started off nicely with delicious pancakes for breakfast,

followed by a little photoshoot with Archie, my newly finished Aardvark, (I got him as a kit from my sister for Christmas - yes I have only just finished him)

and then Holly made these jam tart/pies which are yummy!! I wish the whole week was a bank holiday
: )

spring leaves


Brand new! This double leaf keyring/bag charm is the first in a set of three to be listed here.

This week I've started to get busy with my umbrella prints trimmings competition entry, my ideas are slowly formulating into a concrete plan, I just need to get some supplies on Saturday - I can't wait to get going on it! Have you entered? Take a look at the competition here.
: )

birthday flowers

Look how lucky I was this weekend, I received all these flowers,

they are so beautiful and make me smile. lots.
: )

a little sunshine

We haven't had much around here this last week, it has been very wet and windy and looks set to be so for a while. My garden likes it but me cycling to and from work doesn't that much! This sunshiny picture was taken only a couple of weeks ago on the beach in Great Yarmouth, it wasn't particularly warm but it was definitely sunny


Yesterday my folksy branded moo cards arrived, just in time to celebrate my long overdue stocking of my shop there. Come and see, more is being added all the time.
: )

complete set

These two pictures show my complete range of cushions, which colour is your favourite? I think mine is the pink feather, or the coral leaf... : ) Leaf in autumn gold now available here Leaf in coral now available here

green leaf

Just in time for spring in the uk is this bright leaf cushion cover, see here for more details : )

easter fun

It is a tradition around here to have Holly's cousin to stay at some point over Easter for a treasure hunt and Easter fun. They both have baskets that they keep ready for each year, and this year we even braved the rain so that they didn't have to miss out any treasure hunt clues! A highlight this year was the easter biscuit making, the two girls spent ages decorating their biscuits and they looked (and tasted) great. (This new cushion cover is now available here too) : )

new dress

I made a dress! First one ever, using a pattern I had made for a top which I just made longer. I also added some detail around the midsection and put a small pocket on the front - it is for going out dancing in and I hate taking a bag. It has already had its first outing and I might even make another one as it was quite simple to do. : )

feather cushion - pink

New things are starting to appear here, starting with this cushion cover which has been hand embroidered in complementary shades, making it one of a kind. As a special offer to UK customers, I will include the insert for free if you write -yes please!- in the message to seller. : )


Despite the chilly temperatures today I am loving all the pretty blossom that is about and created this treasury of beautiful photos. : )

umbrella prints trimmings competition

I've been seeing references to this competition all over the place and couldn't resist, this is my little pack of trimmings to make something with, have you got one?? : )

hampton court palace

Last Sunday we spent walking around the Hampton Court Palace gardens, which aren't too far from me, and getting lost in the maze. The 'mums team' (my mum and me) lost to Holly and grandad, - even though it was mothers day! They did help us get to the middle though. : )