We have just spent a lovely weekend visiting my mum, dad and nan in Plymouth, and after all the travelling I am very tired today. But it was well worth it to see everyone, and we also got to spend an afternoon on the beach above, looking for shells and hunting in rock-pools.

: )

new home for pins

After discovering that I had only one lonely 'home for pins' left in my shops I have started to make some more, this is the first and I really like the colour combination here, I'll have to stop myself making them all these colours I think! Here it is in my etsy shop : )

Holly's quilt

At last, here are pictures of the finished quilt. I know it has taken me a long time, but it was definately a labour of love and something I hope Holly will want to keep for a long time. I ended up hand quilting it, by stitching a cross (or a kiss) at each patch corner. It was hard going in the centre of the quilt and there was a point where I didn't think I would ever get it finished. But now it is, Holly loves it and it is in pride of place on her bed.
: )


Well hello everyone, and hopefully a proper one this time rather than just a quiet post like the last one! In case you were wondering the photos were taken in Greece, on the island of Skiathos where we went for two weeks last month. It already seems so long ago, especially on a day like today when it is pouring with rain. But we had a great time, not doing much more than going to the beach most days. We did explore Skiathos Town, where a tiny part of Mamma Mia was filmed, and I loved all the tiny lanes and pretty houses. And I did fit in a few runs, which on the one hand were lovely because of the sea views, but on the other it was swelteringly hot whatever time I went. Not that I can moan about the great weather! Anyway, I am back now, I have been working on new things and will hopefully have pictures to show you soon. And, I have finished Hollys quilt! I hand quilted it in the end which seemed to take forever, but I am very pleased with the finished thing, and Holly loves it. Pictures asap! : ) ps - please bear with me while I catch up on all your blogs!

a quiet return

hello, I'm back! This is a quiet post which shows where I have been for some of the time I haven't been here.
: )