wonderful prizes and cheeky monkeys

Would you believe it, we have just got home from going to a roller disco, yes I've been on roller skates again after too many years to remember! But it was great fun and gave Holly a good chance to practice as we gave her roller skates for Christmas. But I am definitely tired now! Where did the title of this post come from? Well the monkey in question (disclaimer: I'm not sure if it was the actual monkey in this photo, they move very quickly and all look the same) made me laugh, a lot. We were in the squirrel monkey walk at the zoo where you are in the cage with them, and I was taking photos when I felt a little 'tug' at one of my jeans pockets. I looked down and there was a cheeky monkey trying to take things out of my pocket! It was very funny - he didn't get anything by the way! And the wonderful prize? Well that would be this gorgeous banner and pencils that I won from Earmark for coming up with a name for the banner. It is beautiful and very well made, mine says 'Happy Birthday' and I'm sure that it will last for a long time and be well used - thank you! : )


I've been lacking in having a project on the go since Christmas, so when I remembered these lovely squares I decided it was time to use them. (The new fabric hasn't worked out what it wants to be yet). A friend gave them to me at least a year ago, and they they were too gorgeous to cut up. I have two strips each with 41 squares, they are fabric samples but are going to end up as a cushion cover - that's the plan anyway! So far I have worked out my design, made myself cut them into lengths, and pinned it all together. The second two photos are rubbish as I had to take them in the evening before I went onto the next stage, but the top one gives a good indication of the beauiful colours. Now I plan to handstitch the strips together, but I haven't decided yet whether this will be the front for a squarish cushion or both sides of a smaller rectangle. It's nice to have a project that evolves as it goes along! : )

silly sale

Lots of lovely uk etsians are taking part in another silly sale. Here is a treasury I have created with some of the beautiful bargains to be had, and click here to visit the HALF PRICE silly sale section of the picciolo etsy shop!
: )
After nearly a week of feeling rubbish I am finally on the mend. So it is time to catch up with lots of neglected chores at home, and hopefully get started with making some new items. Just before christmas I treated myself to this fabric, I love it and ended up getting most of the colours available as I couldn't decide between them. I think I need to keep looking at them for a while though until I am certain what they want to be made into! : )

new year, new fabric

Unlucky me - New Year's Eve was a washout as I've been ill (still recovering)
Lucky me - I got some lovely new fabric for Christmas! (thanks sisterini)
: )