capital summertime ball

A couple of weekends ago I took Holly to her first concert, and it was also the first time we had been to wembley stadium. Its was an amazing day, with 6 and a half hours of great acts, including my favourite (pitbull) and Holly's favourite (The Wanted). Definitely a day to remember.

Cheryl cole



The Wanted


Indigo Blue said...

Lucky Molly! I remember my first concert....Duran Duran at the Docklands. Brilliant!

Sophie has yet to do this, she is not showing signs of liking any singer in particular but we taking her to see an ABBA tribute show at the hall for Cornwall next month.
The ABBA influence is probably mine as I often play it in the car, right from when she was born. Some lulled her sleep in the early days!

Kitty said...

Pitbull? Oh no ... he always seems to me to be sneering in his videos! Looks like you had a great time though.

Goblinf said...

I've just seen your leaf cushion on Folksy (front page) and it's the most glorious thing I've seen for a long time!
I've pinned it to my pinterest board, but if you want me to take it off I will.

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