slight panic

I seem to have gone into overdrive at the moment, trying to get things sorted for the craft fair I am doing with my sister next sunday and trying to clean the whole house and organise a little party for Holly's birthday which is this sunday afternoon. I have lists coming out of my ears which seem to be getting longer and longer! I would really like to have a day off work but I think I would just end up rushing around even more in an attempt not to waste any minutes. This picture shows the little business cards (but really just printed onto paper) that I have put together for the craft fair, they are also going to double up as packaging labels on my christmas decorations. One set of my snowflake decorations is now listed on etsy, one of my next jobs is to take photos of all the others so they can go on too. I think it might be tricky though as it is getting dark now when I get home from work- the pics of this first set were taken at 7.30 in the morning! : )


Cathy said...

the business cards look great! enjoy holly's birthday - sounds like she is very excited to have turned the big 5! how sweet :)

AlternateBliss Studio said...

I hope your craft fair goes well. Great idea of making the biz cards pull double duty as packaging lables. And they are very attractive might I add! You can send some west if ya like...I have a craft show comming up.

paper-and-string said...

they are fantastic :-)
well done :-)
see you sunday xxxxx

Indigo Blue said...

The cards are the icing on the cake for your decorations and are a good package for the craft Fair. Good luck on the day. Snap! I also have Sophie's 5th birthday party on Sunday!