Hooray for the weekend!

I know it has been a short week this week with Monday’s bank holiday here in the UK, but boy am I glad it is the weekend. Thankfully my week at work has been a lot more manageable but I still haven’t made any headway into sorting myself out for next months fair, apart from ordering some supplies, and some new ideas popping into my head. It has been my turn to keep everyone awake coughing, (sorry) and a well earned rest is hopefully on the cards. I did have a lovely surprise today, Dizzy Izzy has featured one of my new necklaces in her Folksy Friday blog post, (see above) thank you! And tomorrow Holly and I are going to a gallery where artist Rolf Harris is making a personal appearance (Holly’s school class is named after him this year so she is very excited) I hope we manage to glimpse him! : )


Mrs Mac said...

Thank you for the link back to my blog :o)

Enjoy your Rolf Harris spotting!

Hey Harriet said...

Hope you had an awesome weekend. Rolf Harris? As in Rolf 'Tie me kangaroo down sport' Harris? I think I know him better for his cheesy songs than for his artwork! He'd be fun to see. Whether he be singing or painting :D