snip snip

Lots and lots of cutting, ironing, more cutting and sewing have been taking place here, with lots and lots of sewing still to be done. Here’s a little look at some work in progress. And we had a surprise, I looked out into the garden to see three very cute little fox cubs playing on and around this big tree stump. They were very sweet and looked a bit like lambs, jumping and springing around. (I know, I need to cut the grass, but I managed to cut the cable of the lawnmower and it is being mended!) : )


Colleen MacDonald said...

I LOVE seeing work in progress, and those little foxies are awesome!

M.Kate said...

We never see fox...unless its in the zoo :) Happy weekend...hugs/M

Shayla said...

Amazing photo of the fox cubs! They're so cute!

Good to hear that you got some time for sewing and snipping :)

monda-loves said...

Those little foxes are really cute. I guess they must be the children of the foxes that were on the shed roof last year (was that just last year - seems like last week!)