at last

At last, I have managed to make another of this new design pouch! The first sold a while ago and I have just finished another to take its place, which is listed here. I've also finished some new colours options and sizes, these will follow once I have sorted out the photos. How are your Easter holidays going? We have one of Holly's cousins coming for a sleepover tomorrow and I have lots of easter things planned for them: an easter egg hunt, egg painting, some easter window decorations to make and easter cupcakes with rabbit decorations to bake. It should be fun! : )


Shayla said...

Lots of crafty fun! Have a great weekend.

Colleen MacDonald said...

Oh your Easter adventures sound terrific! We're having very stormy weather, so we'll be celebrating indoors this year!

Love your little pouch!

Bagladee said...

Love the colour, hope you're having a fab easter weekend. Hugs xx