Spring is here!

I couldn't resist showing you some of the lovely daffodils/narcissi we have had in the garden over the last couple of weeks. This is their first year, and Holly helped to choose the 12 varieties we planted so we have been eagerly waiting for them all to bloom so we could decide our favourites. But then my frittilaries flowered and (almost) blew the daffodils away with their beautiful flowers. Which do you prefer? : )


fabriquefantastique said...

well its not here in Canada I can tell you. April and still ice under the rhodos.....Grrrrrr

Colleen MacDonald said...

I DO love daffodils of all kinds, but I have to profess my delight of frittilaries. They just remind me of fairies. But I would never try to decide a favorite; luckily I don't have to!