coveting curtains

These beautiful fabric swatch curtains are from Anthropologie and I have been admiring them for a few months now with a particular room in mind. I had thought that we would only need one panel at the smallest size, which meant I was secretly (ok not so secretly) hoping we might get one of the panels. But on closer inspection and actually measuring I realized that we would actually need two panels at the longest size, which = a lot of money for curtains. !! So then I got to thinking, and I have now embarked on making my own version. The curtains we have in the room already are cream so I am using them as the base, then I had a lot of fun shopping for the fabrics to use as the swatches. At the moment I am not having quite so much fun pinning my navy borders on, but once that is done I can get to the fun bits! : )

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Angela said...

That's brilliant, and what a fun project! Can't wait to see the finished product.