I had a very industrious Easter weekend, partly due to the really awful weather and partly because my other half had to work on a couple of days over the weekend. I took some better pictures of some existing items, like this little box which I have already updated in my shop. And then I realised that this was the last box left so I've made two more, pictures tomorrow. And then another keyring, in pinks this time, and then a new design of purse, which has an inside pocket, and then last night I started another new purse design which I am quite excited about. Phew! So I have lots of things to show you over the next few days! And, I have been tagged. By the lovely Jewel Street Designs, check out her blog , she makes really really gorgeous jewellery! So here are seven random things about me: 1. I am left handed 2. It is my 11th wedding anniversary on Saturday 3. I don't like (can't stand) the feel of velvet 4. We once stayed for two days with a former headhunting tribe in Borneo 5. I have a piano-accordian which I love and don't play enough 6. I am rubbish at clothes shopping 90% of the time (sometimes I get great bargains) 7. I love letterpress and have two hand presses in my loft waiting for the day I have a workshop/room. So there you go, seven things about me, I'm not going to tag anyone else as this seems to have done the rounds a lot lately! : )


T said...

I understand your feelings about the feeling of velvet. I feel chenille has a much better feel. Ha!

Thanks for sharing your randomness :)

Cicada Studio said...

Happy anniversary! Good to know a little more about ya!

Waterrose said...

Ok, so I think that I have been "businessized" too much...when I first read the word "headhunter" I thought of finding an employee...lol

Happy Anniversary!

Clear Pink said...

I am jealous about the letter presses.

Victoria said...

Happy Anniversary!
(I would love to hear more about the headhunting tribe from Borneo! )