Spring at last?

The last couple of days have actually felt like spring might be on its way at last. We have had some lovely sunshine and it has started to be lighter in the mornings which makes getting out of bed just a little bit easier!

I am impatiently waiting for a couple of exciting parcels to arrive which of course never do when you are watching the door, so in the meantime I have been cutting out lots of fabric ready to sew. These new ‘shelter’ keyrings have made it into the shop, as has the pink box (shown above) that I showed you a peek of in my last post. Still no sign of any parcels… : )


Colleen MacDonald said...

"A watched pot never boils?" That's the way it can feel sometimes when waiting for a parcel, or for spring!

Love your little boxes!

Shayla said...

Hope you got your parcels. Believe it or not, there's signs of spring over here too, although we've got a ways to go before the snow melts. Still, the light is pale yellow now instead of white.

Indigo Blue said...

The colour gradient in your work is really eye-catching! Lovely design.

Kyoko said...

Thank you for stopping over my blog :D
What an amazing creations you make with felts. Really love the bright colour combination.
Hope your parcels arrived :D I have one coming from Amazon in any moment and I am literally stalking my postman...
Hope you have a lovely weekend!