3 sides, 5 sides

So here they are, this years picciolo christmas decorations! There are six coordinating colours to choose from, and two styles, 3-sided or 5-sided, all of which can be mixed and matched.
They are made from soft felt and have been embellished on each side with an original snowflake design which I created and added to the felt. They have a hanging loop in a complimentary colour and are lightly stuffed.
And the best thing? **For one week only** if you buy any two of these you can choose a third one free!
Check them out here: 3-sided 5-sided
: )
*update* I've had an enquiry about how I created the snowflake design which embellishes the felt on each side, watch out for a tutorial tomorrow!

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Bagladee said...

Hi Jane, they are absolutely gorgeous!! Thanks for the comment, haven't had a headache or migraine (touch wood) for almost 5 days now!! Now thats something!! :D Here's hoping it continues.xx