12 years

Monday marked twelve years together for Stuart and I, so I cooked us a nice meal as a surprise for when he got home from work. We had 'ragu bianco' which was delicious, (not really down to me as the recipe was really easy) and then a raspberry and almond tart that was nearly scuppered by Holly who kept eating all the raspberries! I very hopelessly didn't manage to get any photos, mainly because it was such a rush to get done in time, I was still dusting icing sugar as he came in the front door and had to send Holly to stall him! But I did take a picture of the present I got for him, which is from tvtrayarts etsy shop. They are just the cutest cufflinks, and Stuart was very pleased with them. I'm off to have some more raspberry tart now, there is loads left, want some? : )


Katy said...

Can I have bit of tart, please? Thanks :)

I love the new folding fabric boxes - clever clogs!!!! They look brilliant.

High Desert Diva said...

great cuffs....but I think I might be more interested in the tart.... :)

Ophelia Miller Boutique said...


Cicada Studio said...

Happy 12 years!!

And I'll take a piece of that tart.