Well here's what's left of the tart, it isn't really looking its best anymore but help yourself! I am aching today after my body combat class, hopefully I have worked off some of the tart though. Was too tired to do any sewing afterwards, but I did have the beginnings of some new ideas as I sat on the sofa and watched Gordon Ramsay try and turn around a restaurant in America. (on the programme Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmare's USA). I haven't been able to take pictures of the rest of my boxes yet due to the miserable weather and not getting home from work until the best light has gone, but the green one has now made it into my etsy shop. : )


Katy said...

Don't you just love how they've Americanized kitchen nightmares? I love the big voiceover and the music and how they do the 'coming next on kitchen nightmare usa...' and then tell you the whole programme. It makes me and hy husband wet ourselves each week (Ok, we don't get out much, so we have simple tastes!)

Thanks for the tart - yum!!! ;)
ps - the fabric box is on my birthday list, so if a slightly confused man buys from you, it's ok, it's just my other half!!!

Cathy said...

the tart looks yummy! i love pastry :) looking at it is making me hungry!

congratulations on your 12th anniversary too :))

High Desert Diva said...

I can't believe half the tart is still left! Surely it qualifies as breakfast food (fruit, afterall, is involved) not to mention dessert.

jewelstreet said...

That tart still looks delicious!

I personally prefer the BBC version of Kitchen Nightmares or as I like to call it the original. I especially love when he goes back to see if they kept up with things.