spring is coming!

At last, I have managed to take a picture of the three boxes all together to show you. Hopefully these will be in my shop over the next couple of days. I have also finished the slightly larger box too, pictures soon! This weekend the weather has been wonderful, blue skies and sunny days, even if it is rather cold! Holly and I couldn't resist these daffodils for the kitchen which were tight buds yesterday and look at them now! And I thought you might like to see our brussels sprout mountain (plus one parsnip) freshly dug from our allotment. I wonder what we will be having for dinner tonight... : )


Lava Jewelry said...

I haven't seen daffodils in years. They were always one of the first signs of spring for me when I was growing up. (After robins and crocuses.) I love the picture of your dinner as well. :)

Amity said...

Oh the boxes look gorgeous... and so does your house!