circles everywhere!

I have had a marathon cutting out session over the last couple of evenings, turning over 40 squares of different felt colours into this stack of circles as my stock was very depleted. I love all the colours together! Then I had fun choosing ones for my latest project, wip below, which also made use of some of the fabric my sister got me for christmas. This will soon be a new pouch for my shop, it is in similar colours to my favourite one which sold before christmas. Sorry about the dark photos, winter light isn't very flattering, I have noticed already though that it isn't quite so pitch black when I cycle home from work on my bike, so hopefully it won't be long before picture quality can improve! : )


Katy said...

oooh, I like the WIP - it's very pretty!
Do you use old fashioned scissors for cutting out your circles, you must get very tired hands!!!!
Hope you're well - the etsy shop looks lovely, I love the new way of displaying the art.

QuintessentiallyEnglish said...

great photos and great work! new etsy fave :)