first treasury of 2008

thank you to cutedesigns for including me in this gorgeous etsy treasury, it always makes me smile to find I've been included in one. At the moment I am undertaking to redo the main images of a lot of items in my shop, I am happy with the close ups I just wanted to add 'something' to the main images. Here is one of the new ones, I wanted to show what they would look like framed to give a better idea of how they could look: Next I need to do the same for all my small pieces and maybe the prints too. A new year and new look for my shop! : )

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Indigo Blue said...

Happy New Year.
Very positive start to 2008! i love the new photo of your work, I have a feeling that you are going to be very busy stitching this year if your latest items are anything to go by. Best of luck.