She did!

My sister bought me this lovely picture for christmas, it is actually printed onto fabric but I decided to frame it as I love it so much. This is it's temporary home at the moment until I can put a new nail in the wall for it. She also bought me a second image which I have the frame for but haven't put it in yet, I will show you when I have. Holly loved her pinboard and has already covered most of the space on it with photos/cards etc, every time I see it she has added things or moved them around! She has also added some of her own customisation, she did some lovely drawings yesterday (I love the little crab sooo much!) which we then put through her sticker machine and stuck around the edges. And the last picture today is one of my current works in progress, it isn't finished yet as I got distracted again with another project that I will show you tomorrow. : )

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Monkee Maker said...

A lovely picture from your Sis, and your work in progress looks good ..... such neat stitches!

I'm sorry I didn't get round to telling you I was going to blog about your (my ;) purse .... I was going to and then I got distracted (glad to note I'm not the only one afflicted that way!)